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If you require support or have any questions or suggestions, then this is the right place to be!   Just send us an email with some details to and we will do our very best to help.

It would also be appreciated if you could please provide feedback reviews about your experiences with FairOption on the official Apple site, since this does help prospective users obtain an independent view of the current status of the App and similarly alerts us to any improvements that we may be able to make to our software for the benefit of all customers.

Similarly we would ask that if you do have a problem, then to please alert us first, so we have an opportunity to address any problem before engraining in a review any deficiency which we may not be aware of, and that may not actually be present in the App that people will subsequently be purchasing.


07 Feb 2017:  Recent review of FairOption by the   TECHWIBE   independent App Review site.   Judged best iPhone Tool for Option Traders.

26 Jan 2017:  We are proud to currently be working with appshout160 and their specialist PR team for the purpose of further promoting version 2 of the FairOption App.   And thanks to Kristoff for helping to compile the recent Press Releases and Interactive Press Pack .

20 Dec 2016:  Version 2 of FairOption has now been successfully approved by Apple and is ready for sale to new customers and for free updates to existing users.

16 Dec 2016:  Version 2 of FairOption has been developed and is currently in the process of waiting to be reviewed by Apple. The new version has been compiled using a newer base SDK to cope better with later Apple iPhone IOS versions and screen sizes, but whilst also retaining backward compatibility back to IOS 7.1+ (which is the maximum IOS that iPhone 4 models can operate with).   In version 2, a short App Preview Video has also been added to the Apple iTunes listing. (Available when viewed with iPhone 5 to 6s Plus models)

* Please note that the FairOption App supports iPhone 4, 5, 5s, SE, 6, 6s, 6s Plus - and all properly in both Landscape and Portrait phone orientations.