The Developer . . .

The Developer, Miles Hitcham has been closely associated with all kinds of financial and other software development for over 30 years.  Even in 'the early days' (1980's) he personally traded in options and in 1987 designed various trading programs, including a Stock Market Portfolio Manager software package, which was featured inside (& prominently on the front cover of) October 1987's issue of the top-selling, Atari ST User magazine.

The Developer moved on and was then a key individual working for an investment software company which designed and developed applications for private investors and financial institutions.  Whilst there he was also heavily involved in the development of real-time price and option trading software which was successfully marketed by the London International Stock Exchange.

In his spare time, Miles likes to keep himself fit, looks after his free-range chickens, and he also DJs and does Charity work .  Additionally he professionally designs websites (both front-end and back-end, server-side database programming) and at one point was one of the top-7 Sage plc accounting software developers in the UK at the time the PLC company first entered the UK FTSE 100.

Miles has used this wealth of experience and his coding skills to produce the FairOption Apple iPhone App.