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We take your privacy seriously and this privacy policy informs you about what personally identifiable data is collected via the FairOption App and related support services. Also how we may hold, use, share and protect your data.

Your Personal App Data

We do not collect (or even have access to) any data you enter into the FairOption App. Your App securities data is stored on your own Apple device(s) and optionally within your own Apple iCloud account for syncing purposes. (Again, we have no access to your private database facility within iCloud.) Apple iCloud data may be stored in the United States. See Apple documentation on their Privacy Policy with respect to iCloud data. Only you can authenticate access to your Apple iCloud account data and we understand it to be extremely secure.

In terms of FairOption: there is no real personal data stored by the App anyway since security names and prices are already within the public domain and option results data is generated ‘on the fly’. i.e. never stored in any permanent form, unless you choose to export that generated data to a file of your choice. But again, it is not private data referenced to yourself, since it contains only theoretical option price values based on public domain data. This means that we can never provide you with a backup of your own data for restoration purposes. The App provides a facility for you to perform your own security backups and you will need to perform file backups and store them appropriately where you choose.

Support Data

The only personal data we would have ourselves concerning a FairOption App user would be in connection with a support request initiated by a FairOption App user and made to us via email or some other method. All such data (including email data) is treated appropriately and securely and only used for the intended purposes of providing support and related information to a FairOption user. i.e. we have no access to any of your data unless you volunteer to provide it to us, when in such circumstance it will always be treated respectfully and not shared without your permission.

We do not collect any personally identifiable analytics data from The FairOption App, but Apple devices do have the optional ability to collect anonymous data about ‘a crash’. (i.e. when an App stops working with some problem). You can choose whether or not you wish to share this anonymous crash data via the Apple device’s Operating System. Apple may then share this anonymous data with us in order to identify and fix any problems with the App and to make improvements.
Please note:strong> that you would need to have actively enabled the option(s): ‘Analytics and Improvements’ and ‘Help App Developers improve their Apps’, in the Privacy settings of your own Apple device for any crash report Data to be available to Apple and to us as a Developer. In any event, it is anonymous data.

How to Delete Your Data

You can delete all your FairOption App securities data by using the ‘delete all securities’ button available in the ‘Utilities’ menu on IOS or macOS. This will still leave the App installed. To totally delete the App, follow Apple’s instructions for deletion of an App on your chosen device. Whilst deleting the App, you should also receive a choice to completely delete the App’s data as well, but we suggest you also use our Utility before deleting the App since that will make sure that any iCloud sync data is also deleted. You will need to manage any App data exports you have made concerning securities and/or option results. i.e. you will need to delete these personal CSV and/or JSON files yourself if you choose.

As far as any Support Data is concerned:

- You can contact us at any time to request what data is held concerning you and also ask for that data to be deleted. You may also challenge the accuracy of any such data and request amendments to be made to it, if it is inaccurate.

- Similarly you can do the same as above with sales transactional data (E.g. if you have purchased the Mac version of FairOption directly from us or via a payment provider (e.g FastSpring vs directly from the Apple App Store). But do please appreciate that we are only able to confirm data that we actually store, and even then we are required by law to store certain transactional data for a reasonable period of time.

- If you visit our website at, you may also choose to supply personal data and data related to sales, support and your use of the FairOption App. All such data will be treated in the strictest confidence and as already described above, be subject to any of your requests to confirm, amend or delete such data. Our website, like most websites may also collect anonymous usage data via the Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc. and its partners. You can control whether or not to accept new cookies and also delete existing cookies using settings within your computer’s browser. Please refer to Google’s privacy policy for more information.

Third Parties

This privacy policy does not cover third party services, websites, content, or any other Apps not developed by ourselves. The privacy and security policies of other organisations and entities are completely outside our control.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, but was updated here last on 6 Aug 2022.

Further Questions

If you have any queries concerning this Privacy Policy, then please contact