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FairOption™ is the powerful, easy-to-use option pricing tool, originally developed in 2014 for the Apple iPhone to efficiently and accurately calculate fair option prices.

In 2022, the app is now available for numerous Apple devices including iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch.

FairOption was designed from the ground up by an experienced developer and trader who knows his subject inside out and in terms of the advanced mathematics.

Version 3.2 is completely rewritten using the latest SwiftUI framework, first introduced by Apple in 2019.

FairOption works great in light and dark mode and now includes full automatic cloud sync integration for all your securities data across all Apple device platforms you purchase the app for.

If you are someone who wants the best option pricing software on the top and most secure Apple platform, you can do no better than use the FairOption App.


   Latest FairOption version 3.2 (2022 release) *

* Version 2 does not include various v3.2 features.

** As detailed in 'Utilities (Mac and iOS only)' section on Page 39 of the downloadable FairOption V3.2 Help Document : The utilities are currently not included on Watch as they are more suitable for larger devices with more segregated storage, and most users who have Apple Watch do also have an iPhone. (Therefore the same securities data can then be synched between the two devices and the utilities and data are accessible from the iPhone).